Where Top Notch Industry Professionals come together to have freedom And creative control of their own brand!


The Salon + Spa Studios is a high-end establishment where artist get to be their own boss and be creative in a large studio setting. It’s the ultimate experience for those creating your own individual brand, being your own boss it also allows you to offer a creative experience for every guest that sets you apart from a traditional salon and spa company.

  • Salon Studios are individual stations with beautiful exclusive color bar settings to allow you to double book your clients and allow them to still have a relaxing space.

  • The Washhouse is a key essential to the studio that allows you to create a serene and relaxing environment for each of your guest to indulge in the ultimate hair wash experience.

  • Fully stocked dessert and beverage bar available to your guest.

  • Laundry services available on-site.

  • Spa Studios are hand crafted studios with the ultimate relaxation for your guests services. Custom wood planked walls, custom beams, and adjustable lighting always for that ultimate relaxation space.

  • We offer a retail store called “Takehome at The Salon+Spa Studios which allows your guest to pickup luxury brand take home with products, tools, and hair accessories at their convenience.

  • We offer a community driven social media hub that offers motivation, education, exciting New industry brands, and marketing tips from other industry professionals. 5 star experiences and customer service can set your brand apart. The community also offers local events and hubs to keep you current on community events and social events for you to market your brand to.

  • Industry Inspired events are available and webinars with the latest tips and tricks in the industry to motivate, inspire, and help you grow your company brand.

  • This is also a Exciting opportunity for New Rising Stars in the industry to start their own brand and gain the self confidence to be their own boss and create magic. They can grow the creative vision they have been dreaming of in an environment surrounded by other professionals who have been successful at creating their own company and brand.